Our  business

Our  business

A Diversified Real Estate Investment and Development Company

EMERGIA’s portfolio includes multi-residential, retail, office and industrial buildings as well as land for future development. EMERGIA’s corporate structure and business model have been designed to capitalize on the many advantages of diversification, including the reduction in global portfolio volatility, an increased resilience to economical downturns that may result from changing markets and macro-economic conditions, and the ability to benefit from favourable circumstances throughout real estate cycles. 

EMERGIA is positioned to be agile and able to seize opportunities in different property types, including acquisitions of revenue-generating asset portfolios, the optimization of existing revenue-generating assets that need to be repositioned or redeveloped, and development from bare land, creating high added value in these assets. 

The combination of stabilized revenues and returns to investors as well as higher yields from its development activities provides an important element of differentiation for EMERGIA when compared to other existing public real estate investment vehicles. The stabilized revenue-generating properties provide liquidities for the Company’s operations as well as capital to invest in additional properties and to allow dividends to be distributed to shareholders. Meanwhile, the development and optimization segments enable the Corporation’s shares to grow.

EMERGIA’s real estate investment strategy is focused on three core segments:

Revenue Generating

Investing in revenue-generating properties that provide cash flow and long-term income.


Investing in properties where value-add strategies will result in improved net operating income and portfolio value.


Investing in full-scale development opportunities that produce higher portfolio returns resulting from the added value created by the development and revenues generated by the developed assets.

our objectives

For more information on our long-term vision and business plan, please consult our obejctives section.

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