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About Us

The EMERGIA Team has decades of experience in identifying, acquiring and optimizing real estate assets.


Emergia Inc.

EMERGIA Inc. operates in the development, acquisition and management of multi-purpose real-estate properties, including retail, multi-residential, office and industrial buildings as well as land for future development.

The primary focus of the Company is on small to medium size portfolios of mixed-use properties in Canada, mainly in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. EMERGIA aims to create diversified portfolios that are resilient to changing markets and macro-economic conditions, and to provide long-term returns that outperform the real estate industry.

EMERGIA is distinctively integrated both vertically and horizontally. The Company’s operational strategy is to identify orphan pools of real estate assets, structure and close high yielding acquisitions, optimize revenue generating properties, and monetize development properties.

EMERGIA capitalizes on the many advantages the mixed-use segment offers including the creation of synergies between the different real estate asset classes, value creation opportunities at all stages of the real estate value chain, and a diversification effect that reduces portfolio volatility and increases resilience to economic downturns. The diversification in all segments offers attractive opportunities throughout real estate cycles.

The Company is now pursuing a strategic phase of financing and expansion. It will continue to acquire more properties through mergers and acquisitions and develop millions of square feet of land with the goal of creating significant long-term value for its shareholders.

Our Objectives

We strive to:

  • Become a leader in mixed-use real estate ownership, development and management
  • Ensure sustained and solid returns to shareholders
  • Build a high-yielding portfolio of $1 billion, with over $100M in gross annual revenues by 2025, focussing mainly on Quebec and Ontario
  • Initiate dividend distributions in 2021
  • Capitalize on established network to source investment and development opportunities
  • Implement financial structures engineered to ensure long term profitability and market downturn resilience

Our Principles


  • Ensure a sustained and solid return to shareholders
  • Achieve success by meeting all social and environmental responsibilities
  • Preserve exemplary governance and ethical practices

Decades of Experience

The Management Team has decades of experience in development, acquisition, ownership, and management of quality assets in Canada and internationally. The Management Team is fully committed, owning an important position in Emergia’s Capital.


Long Standing Experience