Our objectives

Our objectives

Our objectives

Identify, acquire, optimize, develop, own and manage diversified real estate assets across Canada, ensuring value creation and maximizing financial returns.


  • Become a leader in diversified real estate ownership, development and management.
  • Ensure sustained and solid returns to shareholders based on:
    • Recurrent returns provided by the stabilized revenues of the portfolio;
    • Growth provided by the value-add created through optimization and development projects.

Our Governing Principles

  • Develop and invest in high-quality projects that create a better lifestyle focused on the well-being of communities and a reduced environmental footprint;
  • Realize projects that will stand the test of time by prioritizing performance and highest standards of quality;
  • Follow solid moral principles and always act according to the highest level of ethical practices.

Decades of Experience

The Management Team has decades of experience in the acquisition, development, ownership, and management of quality assets. Owning a major stake in EMERGIA’s capital, the Management Team is fully committed to the Corporation’s success.

our portfolio

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