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With an estimated investment of 25-million dollars, a unique concept will emerge in the spring of 2019 in Bromont

Amerispa to partner with Groupe Delma

With an estimated investment of 25-million dollars and after more than three years spent conceptualizing, a unique concept will emerge in the spring of 2019 in Bromont: ISLO, a state-of-the-art recreational and wellness resort. The resort will showcase water in its many forms with spectacular facilities and recreational activities stemming from well-being and relaxation. ISLO will cover an area of 75,000 square feet and will have the capacity to welcome over 300,000 guests of all ages, every year. Amerispa, the largest banner of spa centres in the country, is proud to partner with Groupe Delma to implement this project and to manage operations.

“ISLO is an innovative concept which represents the perfect balance between the European appeal of thermal spa centres and Quebec’s Nordic spa experience,” states Louise Brossoit, Executive Director of Amerispa. “ISLO Bromont will be the first of a series of resorts that will see the day on three other sites in upcoming years: the north shore of Montréal, the Québec region and the Ottawa-Gatineau region.”

This unique, recreational and fun-filled destination for the whole family will generate positive economic impacts and will contribute to the exposure of the Eastern Townships. In addition to participating in the recreational and tourism attractions, ISLO will promote the creation of 125 jobs and the development of partnerships with local economic players.

Well-being, Relaxation and Pleasure for the Senses

ISLO will bring together, under one roof, several spaces for a variety of guests of all ages. Children will be delighted by fun-filled indoor and outdoor thermal facilities as well as the amusement centre. Parents, for their part, will enjoy the benefits of original and various water amenities. Adults who wish to unwind will be able to do so peacefully while experiencing innovative thermal therapy with unique and varied thermal facilities. They will also have the opportunity to enjoy high quality spa treatments provided by qualified professionals, train in the fitness centre or take a gourmet break in the healthy dining restaurant. With state-of-the-art technology continuously enhancing customer experience, this innovative ecosystem will see the light in an intelligent building allowing guests to live various multisensory experiences on different levels with their own distinct functions. Carried-out with the support of Ædifica, the centre nests in perfect harmony with its environment while setting itself apart with a building of unique character. Its layout will offer a recreational wellness space combining unforgettable experiences with environmental sensitivity.

Sustainable Development

ISLO is also the first project to be implemented in a large area of 18-million square feet located near highway 10, which Groupe Delma plans to develop with recreational tourism, commercial and residential real estate projects that will tie in with the city of Bromont’s guidelines in terms of sustainable development, including preserving a major part of the land in its natural state.

Stay tuned!

We invite you to follow ISLO’s evolution on this site: www.islo.ca

Source: Amerispa and Groupe Delma

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